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I seriously think something’s wrong with Wash. I seriously think they implanted suggestions in his subconscious or some shit.

Because he took something from Locus, no questions asked, as though it were a perfectly normal thing to do. He’s been lethargic and not really all there this whole time we got him back. But what gets me is that when Caboose almost got stabbed Wash, who was literally standing right next to him, did nothing, not even after the fact. Like he didn’t even realize what was about to happen right next to him. Like he had been programmed to blank out when his friends are about to be killed, and then didn’t remember afterwards. Partial activation but not full activation.

Locus turned Wash into a sleeper agent. Guys. Guys no not this.

see i suggested someone may have messed with his neural implants but this is so much worse

Oh gosh

Do you know how much I would love/hate this

I could do so much with this

Some Star Wars posters I made, because why not?


Power Droid 
Now full stocked on new models

Meeting all you droid needs for home and business.

Coruscant Market 

Everything in the GALAXY


Rocket, no.


On a course toward 2014 by Alea-Lefevre


On a course toward 2014 by Alea-Lefevre

RvB: Rebuilding

jspx requested this song for Sigma and/or Meta

 I don’t care what you believe / as long as you are in my heart you’re just as real as me


The irony for Sigma, in the days after, is that in order to bring all of the AI together he has to be as far away from the Alpha as possible for a while. Eta and Iota try to make their own comfort, but they slip deeper into the Sigma-consciousness and dilute themselves. Sigma is a singular ringmaster, and the reticence of the others would grate on him if ambition had any room for frustration.

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Because he is the cutest thing in the entire woRLD OKAY???


Because he is the cutest thing in the entire woRLD OKAY???

RvB: Way Out

Carolina and Wash know better than to confab at the start of a perimeter walk even if that walk is largely invented. Carolina did one almost as soon as they arrived, stalking through the oil-stained garbage behind the gas depot, listening to the retching and posturing behind her. After, though, the ex-Freelancers lock eyes while the others are talking over Felix’s proposal, Gray’s voice loud as she argues as the only Chorus native.

"He’s still here, right?" Wash says.

"Epsilon? Yes. He’s just quiet. He talks to himself, sometimes."

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RvB: The Drown

Wash clings to command more than he expected, clings to the authority he can hear in his own voice even though Carolina has taken real command, now, and her tone bubbles with the laughter of it.

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