RvB: does electricity dream of android sheep

I haven’t the foggiest why I didn’t post this here before.


Sarge believes in heaven with the utmost assurance. That’s where he’ll go when he dies, probably, unless he’s done something wrong and winds up in hell, in which case he’ll just keep on fighting the dirty Blues he took there with him. In Sarge’s worldview, God is, if not on anybody’s side, most definitely somewhere.

Maybe He got left back on Earth, and somebody’s still waiting at the office to pick up the package.

But to a soldier of such abject faith, AIs cause a lot of problems. What are the darn things? Are they alive or not? Are they Red or Blue? Most importantly, are all of them likely to start commandeering people’s heads and/or radios in order to go on killing sprees?

Only slightly less importantly, do they go to heaven?

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this may be all I will ever write about Church

Church didn’t like worlds where people died fast. At least in his case he’d seen it coming: he should have known that that idiot rookie Caboose was going to run somebody over or shoot them very accidentally in the face some time soon. It was inevitable, like the sun never setting. But now, he hadn’t thought of Caboose as ‘rookie’ in a really long time, and man did South die fast.