"Hey, would you guys stop calling me Epsilon? I’m Church now."


RvB: sins of the father

It all ended with one man staring himself down.

"We’re a lot alike," said the Director.

"Come on.”Church crossed his arms and glared, feeling the leathery armor in his palms crack. “I might yell at Caboose sometimes, I might push my stupid team, but I am not like you.”

The Director looked at him straight ahead, the light glinting on the lenses that served him as a mask. The two men stood at almost the exact same height. “I kept tabs on the Alpha. I saw how he was driven to desperation many times. To save even a memory of Allison, the Alpha copied himself over and over and still, still could not save the day. Do you understand?” He was shouting now, spit flecking his beard like he had gone rabid.

"You saw that?” Church remembered that Caboose had told him about the thousand-year mistake back when the Reds and Blues were fighting Omega. Epsilon hadn’t been there per se, but add his ever-present emotions toward Tex into the story and he might as well have been.

"The news reached me." The Director’s voice sounded hollow. If he was trying to taunt he was giving too much of himself away to be any good at it. "You tried to shoot the weapon that killed her."

Church dragged his fingertips across his palms again, itching for a trigger. “Except that wasn’t me.That was the Alpha: one step closer to you, a little more desperate and a little less understanding. All these crazy shenanigans have been about me having to learn to fix my own mistakes. I can’t pretend that they didn’t happen, I can’t go and, you know, time travel them away or something, because they’re mine. Ours.And I have to fix them.”

And then the battle really started.

reeberry asked: "also also wash/ct because you're the reason i started shipping them so hard <3 "so wear me like a locket around your throat/i weigh you down, i watch you choke/you look so good in blue/you look so good in blue""

First, these are really cool prompt lyrics and I thought long and hard about how to answer it. It was going to be part of a CT-survives-in-Sandtrap AU for a while until it came out as this.

Sometimes he wonders what she would say to him now. She would sit holding his Blue team helmet in her lap. She would ask, “How did you get one with the yellow stripe?”

"It didn’t have it originally," he would say. "This was the Alpha’s."

She would snatch her hands off the mask.