Five More Favorite Star Wars EU Characters
Nen Yim

"If this planet exists, I must see it for myself. The ship alone is not enough. I must know more… Because I think if I do not, our species is doomed."


I’m rereading Rebel Dream and Rebel Stand for the first time in a while, because I tend to forget how good they are and also Jaina Solo, and it occurred to me where the SWEU should have gone after the NJO series.

Two words: Droid. Revolution.

No, wait, hear me out.

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I love the way you talk about Star Wars.

Also “You could have someone volunteer to become a yammosk, or something, if you wanted to go really weird.”


I wish the Yuuzhan Vong and their technology hadn’t been so thoroughly ignored. I also want a squadron formed of Zonama Sekot ship/ X-Wing crosses right now.